JRN2POD Assignment 2: Writing Folio

Week 1

La Trobe, University campus of the future

Newcomers to the La Trobe sporting community are set to provide opportunities for all.


Softball Australia and Softball Victoria have announced they are relocating their headquarters to the new La Trobe Sports Stadium in Bundoora, which is part of La Trobe’s $150 million Sports Park development, the key component of the University’s $5 billion campus improvement plan.

The addition to La Trobe’s sport community is set to provide students with experience in the sport industry and the engagement of Softball Australia athletes for various research projects says Director of La Trobe Sport, Professor Russell Hoye.

“This partnership provides great benefits for La Trobe students to improve their employability skills, gain valuable work experience in the growing sport industry and get involved in research projects and events run in a number of locations across the country,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer at Softball Australia David Pryles said this was also an important step for Softball Australia.

“Our High-Performance team in particular will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure to continue to improve our athletes,” Mr Pryles said.

“We’re also excited to be able to utilise La Trobe students in internship roles across the organisation”.


Gianni Francis is a second-year Bachelor of Media and Communications (Journalism) student at La Trobe University. You can follow him on Twitter @GianniFrancis6

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Week 2


Week 2 writing exercise: copy plus grab story


The true scale of the summer bushfires is finally becoming clear, and the result is truly staggering.

A scientific analysis has concluded that more than 20 percent of Australia’s forests burned during the recent bushfires, making them the largest ever recorded since the start of European settlement.

Associate Professor Matthias Boer from the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment says the Australian fires far outstripped any wildfires that have occurred overseas in the past 20 years.

“This is truly off the chart, in the paper we published yesterday there’s a couple of charts where we see this Australian summer going way off the charts so it’s a very big outlier,” he said.

Week 3


Podcast exercise week 3

Australian Open men’s champion NOVAK DJOKOVIC says his Grand Slam win is leaving him optimistic for the rest of the season Gianni Francis reports.

DJOKOVIC says after winning the Australian Open eight times, he is proud of his stats, but they can’t dictate his career and whatever happens the season is already successful.

“There is a lot of history on the line and I do have professional goals, grand slams are one of the main reasons why I’m still competing and still playing full season trying to get the historic number one,” he said.

Djokovic has spent a grand total of 281 weeks spread out over his career in the top spot, leaving him in third place of all players since 1973. He is just five weeks behind Pete Sampras and 29 short of the record held by Roger Federer (310 weeks).

Gianni Francis reporting for La Trobe live.


Week 4


Folio Week 4



A deal has been reached between Los Angeles teachers and city officials after around 60,000 gathered in Downtown Los Angeles for the sixth and final day of industrial action on Friday.

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, who has previously remained neutral in this matter stepped in to mediate the situation while more than 600,000 students are waiting for schools to resume.

Los Angeles fifth grade teacher Charles Stam who was at the strike on Friday says Mayor Garcetti’s decision will help to decide the issue.

“Once he said he’s going to step in, now we have a neutral or essentially a neutral mediator and so that put the pressure on both to come together and come to some sort or agreement”.

Gianni Francis reporting for La Trobe Live.


Share link to Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/giannifrancis/la-teachers-strike-news-package




Week 5


Good afternoon, I’m Gianni Francis and this is the 2pm news update.


SLUG: Wuhan evacuation – COVID-19 update


SCRIPT: The 266 Australians who were evacuated from WUHAN and housed at HOWARD SPRINGS for two weeks have now returned home.


Health Minister GREG HUNT says no one in that group was diagnosed with coronavirus.


GRAB: “All of those passengers have left the HOWARD SPRINGS temporary quarantine facility, and as a consequence of that, they are now free to go about their day-to-day activities.”


BACK ANNOUNCE: Confirmed COVID-19 cases in AUSTRALIA remain stable at 15, with 10 being cleared of the virus and the remaining 5 in isolation.


Duration: 0:30




SLUG: Independent Fire Inquiry


SCRIPT: The Victorian Government has today announced an independent inquiry into this summer’s bushfires.


Inspector-General for Emergency Management, Tony Pearce, will lead an inquiry into Victoria’s response to the recent fires, and to review relief and recovery efforts.


The government will provide an additional $2.5 million to the IGEM to undertake the inquiry.


Duration: 0:25



SLUG: Road Rage


SCRIPT: A man has driven through a garage roller door and crashed into a police vehicle at the RESEVOIR POLICE STATION yesterday.


The driver of the car, a 28-year-old Reservoir man, was arrested after a short struggle with police.


Duration: 0:15



SLUG: Indian film subsidy


And in other news.


VICTORIA will launch an initiative to attract the Indian film industry to increase the desirability of the state as a filming location.


The $3 million Indian Cinema Attraction Fund will encourage large-scale Indian film and television projects to film in VICTORIA.


India has the biggest film industry in the world.


Duration: 0:15



SLUG: Albatross


SCRIPT: And AUSTRALIA has helped secure international agreement to protect the endangered Antipodean Albatross on its annual migration.


The Albatross is in danger of going extinct within 20 years without intervention.


Duration: 0:15





SLUG: State of Origin


SCRIPT: In sport, nine of the top ten from last year’s Brownlow Medal count will play in the State of Origin bushfire relief fundraiser.


North Melbourne player Shaun Higgins says he’s honoured to be selected for the star-studded line-up.


“Personally, to be able to represent the state, but more important things, to what’s been a difficult time for the country and many people, and hopefully it’s a great turn out on Friday-week and we put on a good show”.


Duration: 0:25





SLUG: Melbourne Weather Forecast


SCRIPT: And now for Melbourne’s weather this week.


It will be a top of 31 degrees today with a chance of rain, with the temperature dropping to the low twenties during the week.


It will slowly get warmer over the weekend, with a high of 22 on Saturday and 24 on Sunday, both partly cloudy, topping out at 28 on Monday.


Duration: 0:15



And that’s all for the 2pm update. I’m Gianni Francis reporting for La Trobe Live.





Week 7


Week 7 Folio Script

Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/giannifrancis/the-scoop

Hi, I’m Gianni Francis and you’re listening to The Scoop. In this segment Erik George, multimedia editor at The Australian and Walkley award winner talks podcasting.

When interviewing for their podcast Who the Hell Is Hamish, about an international conman who stole millions from ordinary peoples life savings, Erik says that the use of in person interviews of talent in the different countries Hamish operated in really added to the final products authenticity.

I’m really glad I did because I think it makes the podcast much stronger because it’s got the international ? and I think it’s important to capitalise on that because Hamish ripped people off in Canada, America, Indonesia, England, Hong Kong. He was a globetrotting guy.

My personal taste as a producer is not going super narration heavy. Getting the power of podcasting is getting people to tell things in their own words so it’s how do we engage people and figure out our line of questioning that will construct a whole ? of audio that we can edit together to tell the story.

So it’s about the talent and the atmos that really define what a good podcast sounds like.

You don’t have to give people, for people to think they are at the beach you don’t have to have seagulls, and waves and people talking, maybe just one thing that sums up and paints a picture in a more vivid way and let the listener fill in the rest.

So to get the most engaging audio that speaks for itself and reduces the amount of narration needed, you need to be able to get the most out of the talent you’re interviewing, and have them tell the story through their voice.

I think it’s also about the kind of questions and hearing when someone’s starting to tell you a story and what happened next and how does that make you feel and when you look back now do you think  you think this and then you have all the beats of the story laid out that you can edit together later.

Erik says it’s all about being a reactive interviewer. Being able to listen and ask the right questions is much more effective in person because you can read body language and other ques that you wouldn’t be able to see in a phone interview.

My preference is to use phone interviews sparingly, when editing stuck together I don’t think it’s very nice to listen to and I think it’s hard to establish the kind of rapport that gets you great tape.

You have been listening to The Scoop, we really recommend you check out Who the Hell Is Hamish if you’re passionate about podcasting, and thanks for listening.


Gianni Francis is a second year Media and Communications student (journalism) at La Trobe University. You can follow him on Twitter @GianniFrancis6

Photo by Florian Klauer available here.

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