Antonia Manariti reconciles graphic design with remote learning

As internships are cancelled or go online, Antonia Manariti uses her own initiative to creatively overcome the obstacles COVID shutdowns have caused her on the road to a career in graphic design.

Our story circumvented the stage four pandemic restrictions that stopped us filming on location and were able to get an intimate look into Antonia’s daily work life.

We were able to have the talent shoot a wide range of B-roll and actuality that we used to stylistically tell a story about an art student that is unable to create her art in a professional studio environment. We used the talent’s art to tell the story and wrote to the pictures drawn by the talent.

Ironically, this meta topic was a metaphor, as we media students couldn’t produce our art in our desired location. We were able to put together a nice five-shot-method to establish the story. But next time we would shoot a wider variety of B-roll and actuality, taken from a variety of angles, to further let the pictures tell the story, which was especially important in video following an artist.

Image: two black headphones on brown wooden table by: Austin Distel available HERE. The image has not been modified.

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