St Andrews Market Recovery

The St Andrews Market is a vibrant cultural hub for alternative lifestyle. Locals and rural pilgrims would come every Saturday from 9am-2pm to shop for local organic produce, or explore the quirky causal stalls, or be entertained by the diverse buskers and musicians that plied their trade in front of the community hall.

But the pandemic hit the market hard, it was closed during Stage 4 COVID-19 lockdown and has only reopened under strict pandemic guidelines. During that time, the soul of the market was extinguished, as causal stalls and buskers were banned, and only committee approved stalls or regulars could bring their wares to market.

So as Victoria opens up again, how is this iconic feature of Melbourne recovering, and will it ever return to its former hippie glory?

Photo by Raissa Lara Lütolf (-Fasel) on Unsplash and used under a creative commons license.

Music by Benosound and used under a creative commons license. The audio has not been modified, and can be found HERE:

Archival footage taken from the St Andrews Market Facebook page and used under fair dealing for news reporting and academic purposes.

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