Restrictions set to ease in regional Victoria tonight



9 SEP 2021


Most restrictions in regional Victoria will be eased at midnight tonight, as case numbers outside of Shepparton continue to stay low.  

The five reasons to leave home will be removed, and most businesses can reopen with capacity limits. 

But Premier Daniel Andrews has warned rural Victorians there’s still a very real threat of Delta seeping back into rural areas from metropolitan centres.   

“It’s not a snap-back, it’s not Freedom Day, it’s not 100 percent of capacity down at the pub – it can’t be. If it is, then we will simply see numbers spread, we’ll have to close large parts of regional Victoria down again and perhaps even all of regional Victoria – we don’t want that.” (0:00-0:14)  

B/A Police will ramp up the ring of steel along the Greater Melbourne border to protect regional Victoria, handing out fines of more than five thousand dollars to those breaching the Chief Health Officer’s directions.   

Gianni Francis reporting.

Photo: Hay bales in rural Victoria by Carl Davies, CSIRO is used under a CC BY 3.0 licence.

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