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It’s 12 o’clock, I’m Indira Lubis

And I’m Gianni Francis

Australia will develop a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines under a new defence partnership with the US and UK. 

The deal means the US and the UK will share secret technology with Australia, in a trilateral effort to counter China in the Indo-Pacific re gion. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the security pact…named AUKUS…did not mean Australia was seeking nuclear weapons. 

Aukus Scott Morrison                                                         20 seconds 

AUKUS will also enhance our contribution to our growing network of partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region – ANZUS, our ASEAN friends, and of course our dear Pacific family. But let me be clear – Australia is not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, or establish a civil nuclear capability. 

b/a The new deal means the Commonwealth will scrap a previous plan to build up to 12 French-designed vessels, which would have cost 90 billion Australian dollars. 

Victoria is nearing a key milestone in the state’s vaccination rollout today… as 70 percent of eligible people receive their first dose.

It comes as the state eagerly awaits the easing of some restrictions…with Premier Daniel Andrews expected to announce a roadmap out of lockdown this Sunday.

COVID response commander Jeroen Weimar is grateful to young Australians for their quick response in getting the jab.

VIC COVID JAB BLITZ                                                               18 SECS

“For those Victorians aged between 18 and 30, forty four per cent have had their first dose. Finally and really encouragingly, among 16 and 17 year olds, over a third – 34% have had their first dose. Again it shows that we’re making really good progress and of course we expect to have a really knockout vaccination drive over the coming weeks ahead.”

B/A Meanwhile,a vaccine drive is underway to prompt residents of suburbs with low vaccination rates to roll up their sleeves.    

A report from the Centre for Future Work says… nearly forty thousand jobs were cut from universities in the first half of this year.

The losses affected full-time staff members in the higher education sector, after the jobs of casual staff were already wiped last year, during the first few months of the pandemic.

Centre director Jim Stanford tells the ABC… universities will continue struggling, with a lack of financial help from the Federal Government.

National Uni Job Losses                                    14 seconds

The job losses this year in the tertiary sector have been worse than any other non-agricultural sector in the economy and that’s just a terrible blow for these institutions and the services that they provide.

To overseas news… Indonesian police have arrested three senior members of Jemaah Islamiah.

The group’s responsible for terror attacks in the Philippines and Indonesia, including the 2002 Bali bombings which killed more than 200 people.

Indonesian police spokesperson Rusdi Hartono says the counter-terror squad are continuing to search for other suspected J-I members.

World Indonesia JI attacks                                          31 seconds

From the results of our operations three suspects have been arrested, two in Bekasi and one in Jakarta. They are believed to be part or part of the network Jemaah Islamiah. Now DENSUS (the counter-terror squad) is exploring their roles in the network. Of course, we will always be working to predict these acts of terrorism so they can be controlled.

(original in Bahasa Indonesia: Dari hasil penindakan telah diamankan tiga terduka – dua di Bekasih dan satu di Jakarta. Ini merupakan bagian atau dari jaringan Jamaah Islamia. Sekarang Densus sedang mendalami peran-peran mereka di dalam jaringan ini. Tentunya Densus akan senantiasa bertugas untuk bisa mengantisipasi aksi-aksi terrorism ini, bisa terkendali dengan baik.)

Now with the day’s sport, here’s Brittany Carlson.

Thanks Gianni…in the upcoming AFL grand final…the Western Bulldogs and the Melbourne Demons, will wear modern versions of the same uniforms worn when they last played off for a premiership in 1954.

The latest COVID lockdowns in Victoria mean the all-Melbourne premiership decider will take place across the country in Perth.

To tennis now and EMMA RADUCANU from the United Kingdom has thanked her migrant parents following her historic US Open win.

She says her parents were always hard to impress, but they instilled the discipline and self-belief required to win.

The 18-year-old is the first qualifier to take out a Grand Slam.

She has described using the momentum of the tournament to carry her to the win.

[GRAB]: “At the beginning of the grass courts I was coming fresh off my exams I had three weeks to practice before my first tournament and just built up every single match, every single win.”

And that’s the day’s sport…I’m Brittany Carlson.

Melbourne’s weather…possible showers and a top of 17.

Tomorrow…mostly sunny and a top of 21.

And Thursday…partly cloudy with a top of 22.

Right now in Melbourne it’s … degrees.

This has been the 11 o’clock news with Indira Lubis.

And Gianni Francis.


Photo by Thomas Haas and used under a creative commons licence.

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