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It’s 10 o’clock, I’m Rei Fortes…

And I’m Brittany Carlson.

Victorians have woken up to shocking COVID figures…for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the state’s hit quadruple digits with 1 thousand 4 hundred and thirty eight new cases.

But there’s some hope Victorians could be released from lockdown a few days earlier than planned, as new advice emerges on shortening the time between Pfizer jabs.

Broadcaster and Doctor Norman Swan says…we need to ensure the most vulnerable people in the community are as protected from the virus as they can be.

vic high icu rates                                                                                                                       13 seconds

BEG        We’ve got to have…

END       …do much damage.

In Japan…former foreign minister FUMIO KISIHDA will be sworn in next Monday to become the country’s 1 hundredth prime minster.

Mr KISHIDA moved ahead in the race for the leadership… after two female contenders dropped out following the first round of votes.

He plans to boost the country’s defences to counter China’s growing influence…and close the gap between the rich and poor in Japan.

Japan new PM                                                                                                                           20 sec

(Japanese, then) I, Fumio Kishida, have a special skill of listening to people. By all means I would like to listen to the voices of as many Japanese citizens as possible, and give a polite response one by one.

Staying overseas and in Germany…the polls have closed and while the centre-left Social Democrats won by a small margin…it remains unclear who will be the country’s next leader.

In a case of history repeating itself…the process to form a coalition government begins, with outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel to remain in office until deals are completed.

Meanwhile, the Social Democrats’ candidate for chancellor Olaf Scholz says… voters chose his government to bring about change.

World Germany Elex                 17 secs

BEG: “(German, then) it’s certainly going…

END: … to be called Olaf Scholz (applause).”

Back home, and AFL teams are considering making full vaccinations mandatory for players returning to pre-season training in November.

The league will outline its jab policy next week.

Other Australian sports, like basketball, have confirmed that non-vaccinated players would face travel restrictions when the season starts.

Currently, North Melbourne is leading the vaccination charge with 92 per cent of its football department having had their first jab.

The Roos are on track to have all players, staff and coaches fully vaccinated by early October.

And with the rest of the day’s sporting headlines, here’s Gianni Frances.

Thanks Brittany.

In cricket news, the test match between Australia and Afghanistan will be postponed indefinitely…because of the Taliban’s refusal to allow women to play sport. 

Cricket Tasmania says the ruling militants’ anti-women policy is unacceptable, and the postponement will give the regime an incentive to let Afghan women play cricket. 

And in basketball, star NBA players including LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo

(AN-teh-tuh-KEM-poh) have confirmed they’ve been vaccinated to protect their loved ones. 

But some high-profile NBA players are refusing to get the jab, with the league still to mandate vaccinations. 

Unvaccinated players like Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins are subject to local restrictions and will be barred from playing home games. 

And in footy, AFL veteran Lachie Henderson has retired after his two hundred and sixth game. 

Henderson played for Geelong, Carlton, and Brisbane – kicking 117 goals over a 14-season career.  

That’s a look at the day in sport – I’m Gianni Francis.

Melbourne’s weather… showers and a top of 30.

This has been the 10 o’clock news with Rei Fortes…

And Brittany Carlson.


Photo by CDC

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