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It’s 1 o’clock. I’m Gianni Francis…

And I’m …Rebecca Borg.

As the race continues to curb the spread of Victoria’s third wave …the state has recorded 1 thousand 6 hundred and 38 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 and two more deaths.

The day’s numbers come after 77 thousand Victorians were tested for the virus in the last 24 hours… and bring the state’s active caseload to more than 15 thousand.

As Victoria works towards its 80 percent double-vaxxed target… Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton says there are plenty of Moderna doses available.

Vic new record cases

BEG “The difference of vaccination…

END …additional doses.”

DUR 18 seconds

There’s new hope in the fight against COVID-19, with Australia buying 300 thousand courses of an experimental antiviral pill.

Trials showed it could cut the risk of hospitalisation or death in half, and can be used in communities rather than just hospitals. 

The drug will likely get its registration by the Therapeutic Goods Association early next year but Health Minister Greg Hunt says along with vaccines, it’s another step in protecting Australia against the virus.

National anti-viral pills

BEG:      “It doesn’t prevent…

END:      …the pathway back.

DUR:      20 seconds

In world news… Sweden and Denmark have suspended Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for young people, after a study revealed a slight increase in side effects.

This was a precautionary move for both countries… afters the a Norwegian study showed a slightly higher risk of rare heart inflammation symptoms for people those under the age of 30.

The Swedish Public Health agency now recommends using the Pfizer vaccine for all young people in Sweden.

And in the Northern Territory… a new locally run medical school’s been announced, to combat the territory’s shortage of qualified medical staff.

The Royal Darwin Hospital has called its fourth “code yellow” capacity crisis for the year.

The proposed program will be run out of Charles Darwin University, training young Territorians in a Top End focused medical school specialising in the health needs of the Territory community.

But the Australian Medical Association’s President for the N-T has raised concerns about whether there’ll be enough graduate positions to go around for junior doctors in the Territory.

The plan depends on a green light from the Federal Government to allow Commonwealth-supported places for medical students.

Time to look at the day’s sport with Indira Lubis.

Thanks Rebecca… ASH BARTY has pulled out of the Billie Jean King Cup, leaving Australia with no hope of another solid run at the prestigious tennis teams event.

The Wimbledon champion led Australia to the final of the last Cup in 2019.

BARTY is resting up after seven months on the road, and preparing for the Australian Open.

And in football… Socceroos defender MILOŠ DEGENEK (MEE-losh de-GE-nek) has tested positive for COVID-19… ruling him out from playing in upcoming World Cup Qualifiers against Oman and Japan. 

Those are the day’s sporting headlines…I’m India Lubis.

Melbourne’s weather … right now in Melbourne it’s 19 and Sunny

Saturday, a light chance of rain with a top of 25

And Sunday 15 and cloudy

This has been the … news with Gianni Francis.

And Rebecca Borg.

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